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Getting You Ready This Planting Season with New GTW Tank Tuff Tracks

With the Planting Season already underway, check out our tips on how to properly break-in your new Global Track Warehouse Tank Tuff agricultural rubber tracks!

Benefits of Proper Break-In:

Proper break-in procedures reduce initial guide lug and mid-roller edge wear. During the break in process, rolling components undergo a polishing process to achieve a smooth steel-to-rubber interface with the guide lug. Rubber surfaces use dust and dirt as a dry lubricant during break-in to minimize heat and reduce rubber stickiness. New tracks should be exposed to dry and dusty soils as soon as possible. Operation without dry lubrication, especially during high-speed roading, can cause excessive amounts of damaging heat. Using proper break-in procedures will help extend the life of your new tracks, prevent premature wear and failure, and extend the life of your undercarriage components. Always refer to your machine’s service manual or contact your local machinery dealer for specific installation and break-in procedures.

Track Break-In:

1. Inspect undercarriage components for wear and replace as needed. - Idler Wheels / Mid-Rollers - Drive Wheels - Tensioner - Alignment Components

2. Expose new or clean tracks to dry and dusty soil conditions as soon as possible.

3. Operating machine slowly in dusty soil conditions for at least 60 minutes is recommended.

4. If this is not possible, spread dry lubricants over the entire undercarriage and track. - Dirt - Oil Dry - Talc Powder - Graphite - Other non-caustic particulate material

5. The break-in process will continue for the next 50 hours

6. After the break-in is complete, users should monitor track temperature, especially while roading, as high heat can cause premature wear and lead to failure of the tracks. Heat can be monitored with the use of an infrared thermometer.

7. Avoid roading at speeds over 17MPH.

8. Machines with new tracks should be trailered, and not roaded, until the break-in is complete.

Global Track Warehouse USA, Inc.

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Bartlett, IL 60103

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