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Tank Tuff Paver Rubber Tracks

paver Rubber tracks

Paver Makes and Models

GTW Tank Tuff Paver Rubber Tracks are designed to OEM specifications to fit major paver brands. Check out all of the makes and models that our industrial rubber tracks range will fit to help keep you on track!

       PF5510 19", P6110 19", PF6110 19", P7110 19", PF7110 19"

Paver Rubber Tracks

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what sets us apart

What Sets Our Paver Rubber Tracks Apart

Paving work comes with a particular set of challenges. Our paver rubber tracks are designed with these conditions in mind.

Smooth Pattern

Anti-Vibration Rolling Path

Continuous High Tensile Cables

Specific Paver Compound

Choose a Leading Manufacturer of Paver Tracks

Opting for a leading manufacturer ensures that you receive products that deliver both performance and longevity. In the USA, Global Track Warehouse (GTW) stands out as a premier provider of paver tracks, known for their reliability and advanced designs. By choosing GTW, you are not just buying a product, you are investing in quality that translates into tangible benefits on your paving projects.

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What are Advantages Offered by Tank Tuff Paver Tracks?

As a manufacturer of paver replacement rubber tracks, our Tank Tuff products are tailor-made for industrial pavers of different makes and models: 

High Strength Drive Lugs

GTW Tank Tuff Paver Rubber Tracks are designed with patented high-strength drive lugs that guarantee ultimate strength and durability under heavy weight loading conditions, common in road paving. These drive lugs, engineered to prevent tearing and reduce wear better than other brands, ensure excellent traction and prolonged service life in demanding heat conditions typical of asphalt paver operations.

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